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Saturday, July 11, 2009

hahaha, i`ve a few posts that i wrote in july but i deleted it :)

10:07 AM

Friday, June 26, 2009

Where is the turning point?

first, tribute to Michael Jackson's family. may you rip . (: once the king of pop, always the king of pop.

smkdp's open day today. very normal but this time, face-to-face talk for parents and teachers is done in the classrooms.
my dad was walking few steps ahead me, then someone said 'teacher phuikei very kurang ajar' before he even said that, ' i signaled to him to ask him not to say any nonsense. then rahim said ' SHHH! THATS HER DAD' then he started laughing -.- . then he said ' nola she is my good friend'
i gonna kill you =p

i am having physics and chemistry test tomorrow and i have not started on any subject yet. oh great.

great, i think i should go now.

till then,


3:34 PM

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beneath the truth, behind the lies.

have been pretty busy with iu stuff, and i sleep at 4 last night and 2 the night before, i need pay back from lingyean. there is another reason for me to stay up but i will not stay up tonight cus i need to wake up early tomorrow to get programme book done!

iu day is on the 12th of june. i hope to get everything settled by thursday so i wouldnt need to stay up doing those programme book. and people! you MUST buy collar pins if i can get it ready by iu day. i am so worried about it, i had a sleepless night a day before i hand it to that person.

i nvr come here for a reason, but i want to blog using the laptop, oh right! now i dont need to share computer with anyone because there is a laptop my room, i think my results will go down to the drain, haha.

till then, xoxo!

9:46 PM

Friday, May 29, 2009

They seemed to be very puzzled, should we tell them that


I am finally back after so long, haha :) I have been having sleepless nights lately. I only have 3 hours of sleep each day, i think that's pretty mad. I got lectured by every single one .. not to mention my parents. They are the first ones to start complaining this and that, saying don't drink coffee, after all, i think i can handle, hah! who more? aiyah, sad to say, eeva also complain a lot, i think she is over worried about me. oh yes eeva! 'thank you for entertaining me even sometimes i think so so wrongly that when i needed someone to put me back on track, more or less, you are the best. when i start crying suddenly sometimes haha, !' that rhymes huh?

ee, eeh, my room is like a paper factory. no wait , i think paper factory is tidier than my room. -.- books are everywhere. tables floors bed here there and there! i wanted to pack everything by today, but i was really being usual, lazy ahahah

i need to regain all hours i used to study. i think that is the reason i want to stop here. no school tomorrow and holidays are starting and iu day is coming and i should start practising accounts cause i am so weak in it and haha, and bye

till then,


12:50 AM

Friday, May 15, 2009

Draw nearer,


The weather lately is really really killing. It is so hot lately and i really dont understand how people can sleep without aircond, thinning the ozone layer. :)

Next week will be mid terms and i have not started with anything yet, i am so worried i want to drop accounts please! i doubt my parents will even let -.- i am so blur in all science subjects i think its time to brush up but worse, i cant remember anything :(

Sadly to say, no updates so soon, i know what i said sucks but so sorry, exam next week, oh yea spm next year why not i start hard core nerding now right, this means no updates till spm, kidding ! -.-

i finished this post within five minutes isnt this expert, well well well

ajidsjidejwiehfef :)


10:29 PM

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's not as scary as

i thought.

I think this is again. This - where I post up as many posts as possible. -.- Anyway, to start off, is jacq's sweet sixteen! Happy sweet sixteen girl! (:

this was on march 7th, ( very late, very awesome). It was a pool side party, bbq! great. but what was bad was, it rained half way through out the party. then cut cake later on, her cake was huge!
then i left. we got a super huge patrick, i want one too, ly!


Then it started with the usual thing to do, cake smashing, that was what i hated but just for fun

Someone smashed cake on me, so i decided to take a picture to see, but sadly i cant see anything but smelled cream

xx, tomorrow for more (:

9:55 PM

Friday, April 17, 2009

i'll be back tommorow,
stay tuned

watch out for this (:

11:08 PM

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watch Me Rise

HELLO all! (:
My first post was on the March 1st, seemingly this is my last post of the month.
I am really sorry, cos i have been really busy lately, not that i want to ditch my blog (:
Tomorrow i will be skipping school but what? i have to wake up earlier than usual .
Will be up in Genting tomorrow, cant wait to go for my bro's convocation.
Oh yaa, yesterday i skipped tuition because i over slept.
was too tired mainly because of tuition and over loading school homework.

It is so fun when you get to multitask doing what you like and what you hate together.
what i mean is study and plurk and chat and sing at the same time.
actually, its 3/4 of what i like.
i have been doing this lately, but you know what? i dont find this unproductive.

I cant think of anything at the moment to blog so i am stopping here.

I have so much to blog on, some important events although some were ages ago.

stalk on this blog, xo. (:

11:29 PM

Sunday, March 1, 2009


What is your name : Phui Kei

A four Letter Word : Pout

A boy's Name : Peter

A girl's Name : Pricillia

An occupation : Pressman

A color : Purple

Something you'll wear : Panties X)

A type of food : Pork Chop

Something found in the bathrom : Pantene Shampoo LOLOL!

A place : Paris

A reason for being late : Papa woke up late lah.

Something you'd shout : Piece of shit you.

A movie title : Pink Panther

Something you drink : Peel Fresh juices

A musical group : Paramore

An animal : Penguin

A street name : ..............................

A type of car : Proton ...........

A type of fruit : Pink Guava

The title of a song : Perfect

** done in less than 10 minutes

12:17 AM

This is to reply those messages for the cbox. This post will be deleted after 3 days,

Leajoo - sorry for not replying lah, anyway hope u had a happy cny (:


hY - I miss you so so much, busy schedules made us not talking as much as usual ): waiting for you to treat me too

Nithyaa - Awesome reply for tag right?

Nithyaa - You are lamer than I am =p

Rowena - Somehow, save me.

Siew Thong - eh, hello.

Kadine- soon kkkk? hah

Ginhooi - i am not crazy like you lah, praised yourself cute, bluek =p.

ps - lol.

xiao-enne - wei, screw you wei. but before screwing you, i want to screw that lady first.

Sammmm! - i will definatelydo your awesome tag which i have to think a lot.

Leajoo - OMG! NICE RIGHT?!! i want to watch the season 2 soon


12:08 AM